It all started in 2005.

When I began working in IT and new technologies. But it wasn't until 2014 when I learned about the new technologies applied to the blockchain. From that moment I knew that I wanted to specialize and consolidate myself as a cryptocurrency trader.

Jaime Merino, Your Coach

More than 7 years of experience.

As an independent trader, I have obtained very good & verifiable returns in the crypto market, even when the market is in downtrend.

I'm a professional.

I have a solid understanding of Ethereum ENS and Smart Contracts, Elliot's Advanced Knowledge and Solid knowledge of the Psychology inside the crypto market.

Learning is the key to success.

Certificates & Education


Computer Science Engineering


English Certificate Toeic

2009 – 2014

IT Supervisor

2014 – Today

Trader y Networker




Icos Investments


Cryptocurrency Investment Advisory


Practical applications of technology

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+1 (575) 567-2025.

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