This is how the Private Group works.

All relevant information will be shared to you through this group. So you need to know the rules.

These are the rules to be part of the private group:


It is forbidden to share the information of the group. If you do you will be expelled without the right to return.


There are no refunds if you have already used the code assigned to you to enter the group.


There are no private classes or courses.

Thank you very much for your understanding.

We share our operations with you.

Enter the group by opening this bot in the Telegram app: @Tradinglatino_Oficial_bot


You will receive 1 to 3 signals daily depending on the state of the market.

Clear explanations

Clear exit points, defined stop loss and clear explanations of why we do what we do.

Best Tips

You will know which are the best coins for HOLD of the year / month (the amount may vary).


My personal telephone number (Telegram) to help you if you have questions and give you personalized support.

Have any more questions? Check the FAQs

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